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All our pallet trucks are of top-quality, modern design and very well built for long term reliable performance. These workhorses are available in a number of capacities, fork sizes as well as full choice of wheels and galvanised or stainless steel finish. We stock the largest number of hand pallet trucks in the UK and are confident our range covers more pallet truck sizes and special versions then anybody else's, so if you cannot find what you are looking for below, please call or email us. We will more then likely be able to supply a pallet truck to match your requirements from stock and if not, we can manufacture a special for you at a reasonable price! If you want short pallet trucks, long pallet trucks, narrow pallet trucks, wide pallet trucks, extra heavy duty pallet trucks, extra light weight pallet trucks, manual or battery driven pallet trucks, even adjustable forks pallet trucks - we have them all! To see our full range of pallet trucks please visit www.liftmate.co.uk.

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Hand & Electric Pallet Trucks