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Universal Sack Trucks, Folding Footplate Sack Trucks, P-Shaped Handle Sack Trucks, Rough Terrain Sack Trucks, Curved Back Sack Truck

<b>Universal Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 403/KI/200<br>Capacity: 150kg or 200kgUniversal Sack Truck
Model: 403/KI/200
Capacity: 150kg or 200kg

<b>Professional Delivery Driver's Hand Truck</b><br><small>Model: 404/KI/99/200<br>Capacity: 200kgProfessional Delivery Driver's Hand Truck
Model: 404/KI/99/200
Capacity: 200kg

<b>Universal Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 415/KI/2093/200<br> Capacity: 200kgUniversal Sack Truck
Model: 415/KI/2093/200
Capacity: 200kg

<b>P-Shaped Handle Sack Truck</b><br><small>422/KI/P/200<br>  Capacity: 200 kgP-Shaped Handle Sack Truck
Capacity: 200 kg

<b>P-Shaped Handle Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 422/KI/APL/200<br>Capacity: 200kgP-Shaped Handle Sack Truck
Model: 422/KI/APL/200
Capacity: 200kg

<b>P-Shaped Handle Sack Truck</b><br><small>422/CO/38/P/250<br>Capacity: 250 kgP-Shaped Handle Sack Truck
Capacity: 250 kg

<b>Curved Back Sack Truck </b><br><small>Model: 417/CO/14/CB/250<br>Capacity: 250kgCurved Back Sack Truck
Model: 417/CO/14/CB/250
Capacity: 250kg

<b>Curved Back Sack Truck </b><br><small>Model: 417B/CO/14/CB/250<br>Capacity: 250kgCurved Back Sack Truck
Model: 417B/CO/14/CB/250
Capacity: 250kg

<b>Folding Footplate Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 423/CO/10/DF/250<br>Capacity: 250 kgFolding Footplate Sack Truck
Model: 423/CO/10/DF/250
Capacity: 250 kg

<b>Universal Sack Truck </b><br><small>Model: 414/CO/26/300<br>Capacity: 300kgUniversal Sack Truck
Model: 414/CO/26/300
Capacity: 300kg

<b>Dual/Folding Footplate Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 446/CO/90/DFL<br>Capacity: 300kgDual/Folding Footplate Sack Truck
Model: 446/CO/90/DFL
Capacity: 300kg

<b>Sack Truck with Extra Long Folding Toe </b><br><small>Model: 446/CO/90/DFXL<br>Capacity: 300kgSack Truck with Extra Long Folding Toe
Model: 446/CO/90/DFXL
Capacity: 300kg

<b>Heavy Duty Euro Loop Handle Truck</b><br><small>Model: ST15<br>Capacity: 200kgHeavy Duty Euro Loop Handle Truck
Model: ST15
Capacity: 200kg

<b>Universal/Rough Terrain Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 416/CO/01b/400<br>Capacity: 400 kgUniversal/Rough Terrain Sack Truck
Model: 416/CO/01b/400
Capacity: 400 kg

<b>Heavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: ST101 & 102<br>Capacity: 350kgHeavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Truck
Model: ST101 & 102
Capacity: 350kg

<b>Heavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Truck</b><br><small>Model: 416/CO/94/450<br>Capacity: 450 kgHeavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Truck
Model: 416/CO/94/450
Capacity: 450 kg

<b>Standard White Goods Truck</b><br><small>Model: 449/CO/03/WG<br>Capacity: 250kgStandard White Goods Truck
Model: 449/CO/03/WG
Capacity: 250kg

<b>Tall White Goods (Appliance) Truck</b><br><small>Model: 448/CO/73/WG<br>Capacity: 250kgTall White Goods (Appliance) Truck
Model: 448/CO/73/WG
Capacity: 250kg


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