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Trailers, Turntable Trailers, Ackerman Trailer, Flatbed Trailers, Removable Sides Trailers, Fold Down Sides Trailers

Below is a list of our most popular turntable and single Ackerman steered garden, factory and industrial trailers.
We can also offer different deck sizes, fixed or folding sides, double Ackerman trailers for accurate tracking in a train, parking brake and standard capacities up to 3000kg. Special 5 and 10t factory trailers can also be supplied. Please call or email us with your requirements or
if you'd like to see examples of the full range of industrial trailers, please click here.

<b>Garden/Store Truck With Fold Down Sides </b><br><small>Model: 535/BI/TT/300<br>Capacity: 350kgGarden/Store Truck With Fold Down Sides
Model: 535/BI/TT/300
Capacity: 350kg

<b>Flatbed Wagon Trailer<br></b><small>Model: 536/BE/JK/500<br>Capacity: 700kgFlatbed Wagon Trailer
Model: 536/BE/JK/500
Capacity: 700kg

<b>Heavy Duty Flat Bed Turntable Trailer<br></b><small>Model: TR121-230<br>Capacity: 500-1000kgHeavy Duty Flat Bed Turntable Trailer
Model: TR121-230
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Wagon Trailer with Fold Down Sides<br></b><small>Model: 537/BE/JK/700<br>Capacity: 700kgWagon Trailer with Fold Down Sides
Model: 537/BE/JK/700
Capacity: 700kg

<b>Phenolic Trailer with Removable Sides<br></b><small>Model: TR341-344<br>Capacity: 500-1000kgPhenolic Trailer with Removable Sides
Model: TR341-344
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Turntable Trailer with Drop Down Sides <br></b><small>Model: TR121DDS-230 <br>Capacity: 500-1000kgTurntable Trailer with Drop Down Sides
Model: TR121DDS-230
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Flatbed Phenolic Trailer <br></b><small>Model: T1000/1575<br>Capacity: 1000kgFlatbed Phenolic Trailer
Model: T1000/1575
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Phenolic Trailer with Removable Sides</b><br><small>Model: TR351-354<br>Capacity: 500-1000kgPhenolic Trailer with Removable Sides
Model: TR351-354
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Large Heavy Duty Cage Trailer</b><br><small>Models: TR121MS-TR130PMS<br>Capacity: 500-1000kgLarge Heavy Duty Cage Trailer
Models: TR121MS-TR130PMS
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Turntable Trailer with Tubular Supports<br></b><small>Model: TR121TU-230<br>Capacity: 500-1000kgTurntable Trailer with Tubular Supports
Model: TR121TU-230
Capacity: 500-1000kg

<b>Phenolic Trailer with Removable Sides<br></b><small>Model: T1000/1575RS<br>Capacity: 1000kgPhenolic Trailer with Removable Sides
Model: T1000/1575RS
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trailer<br></b><small>Model: TR100-160P<br>Capacity: 1000kgHeavy Duty Flat Bed Trailer
Model: TR100-160P
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Heavy Duty Trailer with Folding Sides<br></b><small>Model: TR102-162P<br>Capacity: 1000kgHeavy Duty Trailer with Folding Sides
Model: TR102-162P
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Heavy Duty Turntable Trailer</b><br><small>Model: TR601-613<br>Capacity: 1000, 2000 or 3000kgHeavy Duty Turntable Trailer
Model: TR601-613
Capacity: 1000, 2000 or 3000kg

<b>2 Tonne Turntable Trucks <br></b><small>Model: TSBH100CR <br>Capacity: 2000kg2 Tonne Turntable Trucks
Model: TSBH100CR
Capacity: 2000kg

<b>Heavy Duty Ackerman Trailer</b><br><small>Model: TR700-750<br>Capacity: 1000, 2000 or 3000kgHeavy Duty Ackerman Trailer
Model: TR700-750
Capacity: 1000, 2000 or 3000kg


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