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Lifters, Stackers, Folding Winch Lifter, Telescopic Hydraulic Lifter, Electric Mini Lifter, Server Lifter, Electric Lift Pallet Stacker

<b>Mini Winch Stacker </b><br><small>Model:  PML120N <br>Capacity: 120kgMini Winch Stacker
Model: PML120N
Capacity: 120kg

<b>Winch Lifter / Stacker</b><br><small>Model: WSB 150<br>Capacity: 150 kg<br>1700mm Lift HeightWinch Lifter / Stacker
Model: WSB 150
Capacity: 150 kg
1700mm Lift Height

<b>Mini Stacker </b><br><small>Model:  MCH150 <br>Capacity: 150 kgMini Stacker
Model: MCH150
Capacity: 150 kg

<b>Winch Mini-Stacker/Lifter</b><br><small>Model: BI M200<br>Capacity: 200 kgWinch Mini-Stacker/Lifter
Model: BI M200
Capacity: 200 kg

<b>Freedom Electric Lifter </b><br><small>Model: VVE 260-1600<br>Capacity: 260kgFreedom Electric Lifter
Model: VVE 260-1600
Capacity: 260kg

<b>Electric Mini Lifter </b><br><small>Model: E250<br>Capacity: 250kgElectric Mini Lifter
Model: E250
Capacity: 250kg

<b>Electric Mini Lifters</b><br><small>Model: E100/150<br>Capacity: 100/150kgElectric Mini Lifters
Model: E100/150
Capacity: 100/150kg

<b>Server Lifter</b><br><small>Model: E150SL<br>Capacity: 150kgServer Lifter
Model: E150SL
Capacity: 150kg


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