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Lifters, Stackers, Hydraulic Stackers, Hydraulic Straddle Stacker, Pallet Stackers, Hydraulic Pallet Stacker

Our manual lift & manual traction stackers have capacities ranging from 250 to 1000kg in the standard execution. We can also offer special stackers with a capacity  of 1200 and 1500kg. Most stackers can be supplied with special features, such as adjustable forks, straddle legs, removable platforms, etc. Please contact us by telephone or email us for more details. You may also like to visit another website, dedicated to these types of machines:

<b>Hydraulic Stacker</b><br><small>Model: VVR 250<br>Capacity: 250 kgHydraulic Stacker
Model: VVR 250
Capacity: 250 kg

<b>400kg Hydraulic Lifter</b><br /><small>Model: KI 400/1500 A<BR />Capacity: 400kg400kg Hydraulic Lifter
Model: KI 400/1500 A
Capacity: 400kg

<b>Hydraulic Pallet Stacker</b><br><small>Model: KI 500/1600 A<br>Capacity: 500kgHydraulic Pallet Stacker
Model: KI 500/1600 A
Capacity: 500kg

<b>Hydraulic Pallet Stacker</b><br><small>Model: KI 1000<br>1000kg capacityHydraulic Pallet Stacker
Model: KI 1000
1000kg capacity

<b>Hydraulic Straddle Stacker</b><br><small>Model: KI 1000 SA<br>Capacity: 1000kgHydraulic Straddle Stacker
Model: KI 1000 SA
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Hydraulic Pallet Stacker</b><br/><small>Model: VVR 1000<br/>Capacity: 1000kgHydraulic Pallet Stacker
Model: VVR 1000
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Hydraulic Pallet Stacker</b><br><small>Model: VVR 1200/1600<br>Capacity: 1200kgHydraulic Pallet Stacker
Model: VVR 1200/1600
Capacity: 1200kg

<b>Adjustable Forks Pallet Stacker</b><br><small>Model: KI 1000 A<br>Capacity: 1000kgAdjustable Forks Pallet Stacker
Model: KI 1000 A
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Hydraulic Pallet Stacker</b><br><small>Model: KI 1500/1600<br>1500kg capacityHydraulic Pallet Stacker
Model: KI 1500/1600
1500kg capacity


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