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Trolleys, Platform Trolleys, Heavy Duty Platform Trolleys, Rough Terrain Platform Trolley, Adjustable Frame Trolley, DIY Trolleys

<b>Large Platform Trolley (1 or 2 ends) </b><br><small>Model: 505/KI/PL/300/LUX<br>Capacity: 300 kgLarge Platform Trolley (1 or 2 ends)
Model: 505/KI/PL/300/LUX
Capacity: 300 kg

<b>Heavy Duty Platform Trolley</b><br><small>Model: 541/CO/PL/300<br>Capacity: 300 kgHeavy Duty Platform Trolley
Model: 541/CO/PL/300
Capacity: 300 kg

<b>Heavy Duty Single End Platform Trolley</b><br><small>Model: 550/RH/TC127S/1<br>Capacity: 500 kgHeavy Duty Single End Platform Trolley
Model: 550/RH/TC127S/1
Capacity: 500 kg

<b>Platform Trolley with Two Ends</b><br><small>Model: 550/RH/TC127S/2<br>Capacity: 500 kgPlatform Trolley with Two Ends
Model: 550/RH/TC127S/2
Capacity: 500 kg

<b>Rough Terrain Platform Trolley</b><br><small>Model: 550/RH/TC127P/1<br>Capacity: 500 kgRough Terrain Platform Trolley
Model: 550/RH/TC127P/1
Capacity: 500 kg

<b>Rough Terrain Platform Trolley</b><br><small>Model: 550/RH/TC127P/2<br>Capacity: 500 kgRough Terrain Platform Trolley
Model: 550/RH/TC127P/2
Capacity: 500 kg

<b>Heavy Duty Platform Trolley with Pneumatic Wheels</b><small><br>Model: 550/RH/TH700CH/PNHeavy Duty Platform Trolley with Pneumatic Wheels
Model: 550/RH/TH700CH/PN

<b>408kg Caster Dollies</b><small><br>Model: CDH1824 & CDH2130<br>Capacity: 408kg408kg Caster Dollies
Model: CDH1824 & CDH2130
Capacity: 408kg

<b>900kg Caster Dolly </b><small><br>Model: CDC2442<br>Capacity: 900kg900kg Caster Dolly
Model: CDC2442
Capacity: 900kg

<b>4-Wheel Folding Platform Trolley</b><small><br />Model: MT-TA<br />Capacity: 340kg4-Wheel Folding Platform Trolley
Model: MT-TA
Capacity: 340kg

<b>6-Wheel Folding Platform Trolley</b><small><br />Model: MT1TA<br />Capacity: 680kg6-Wheel Folding Platform Trolley
Model: MT1TA
Capacity: 680kg

<b>635kg Platform Trolley</b><small><br />Model: PTK2436S1-Q<br />Capacity: 635kg635kg Platform Trolley
Model: PTK2436S1-Q
Capacity: 635kg

<b>910kg Platform Trolley</b><small><br />Model: PTK3060S1-Q<br />Capacity: 910kg910kg Platform Trolley
Model: PTK3060S1-Q
Capacity: 910kg

<b>910kg Platform Trolley</b><small><br />Model: PTK3672S1-Q<br />Capacity: 910kg910kg Platform Trolley
Model: PTK3672S1-Q
Capacity: 910kg


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