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Stackers, Electric Stackers, Powered Stackers, Fully Powered Stackers, Fully Powered Straddle Stacker, Counterbalanced Stacker

Powered Pallet Stackers is a term used for lifters with electric lift and drive.

Our Powered Pallet Stackers are highly versatile, pedestrian or ride on operated lift trucks ideal for handling open based pallets and stillages. Stackers can be used in a variety of applications such as vehicle and warehouse load transfers as well as medium pallet lift storage/retrieval in narrow aisles. Powered pallet stackers are also very popular for block stacking.

Closed and special sized pallets can be moved with the help of straddle stackers or powered counterbalanced stacker often fitted with adjustable forks. Our powered stacker range is designed for minimum operator effort and low maintenance. Please browse through our website or contact us for more details and information on pallet stackers.

<b>Fully Powered Stackers </b><br><small>Model: LES10.16/LES10.30 <br>Capacity:1000kgFully Powered Stackers
Model: LES10.16/LES10.30

<b>Fully Powered Straddle Stackers </b><br><small>Model: LESS10.16/LESS10.33 <br>Capacity:1000kgFully Powered Straddle Stackers
Model: LESS10.16/LESS10.33

<b>Fully Powered Stacker</b><br><small>F12 APE<br>Capacity: 1200 kgFully Powered Stacker
Capacity: 1200 kg

<b>Counterbalanced stacker</b><br><small>Model: LCS 10<br>Capacity: 1000kgCounterbalanced stacker
Model: LCS 10
Capacity: 1000kg

<b>Counterbalanced stacker</b><br><small>Model: LCS 12<br>Capacity: 1200kgCounterbalanced stacker
Model: LCS 12
Capacity: 1200kg

<b>Fully Powered Straddle Stackers</b><br><small>Model: LSS14<br>Capacity:1400kgFully Powered Straddle Stackers
Model: LSS14

<b>Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker</b><br/><small>Model: RTS 12.16<br/>Capacity: 1200kgElectric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker
Model: RTS 12.16
Capacity: 1200kg

<b>Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker</b><br/><small>Model: RTS 12.25<br/>Capacity: 1200kgElectric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker
Model: RTS 12.25
Capacity: 1200kg


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